Which versions of the later Folia have been
written down, transcribed or recorded?

(in alphabetical order of composer, letter Z)

DT>Zebell, Erik Lorens (also: Lorentz) (1767-1819)
Variations ou études sur les airs Que ne suis-je la fougère et Les Folies d'Espagne
He was a Swedish musician and official. Zebell was secretary, musicians and composers. He left Sweden in 1801 or in 1802 and was hired three years later as a violinist at the Vaudeville Theatre in Paris
  1. No published music of Les Folies d'Espagne found.
    • Published in Fétis, François-Joseph, Biographie universelle des musiciens…, tome 8, 2e édition, Paris, 1868, p.51 Edition Paris:
    • Thanks to François-Emmanuel de Wasseige for detecting this item in literature

Zetterholm, Finn and Selander, Marie (duo)
Lampaan polska
cover of vinyl Zetterholm and Selander - 15 kB Hanna Björk wrote about this composition in March 2005:

As a fan of the Finnish folk music group JPP I see that you consider the tune Lampaan polska a version of La Folia. If so, there is a Swedish folk tune with the same name which is extremely similar. The start of the tune is exactly the same, then it is slightly different in the end (note here, that in the recording if I remember correctly puts the tune together with another tune, they often do that). The basic tune Lampaan polska I think is very similar to something I heard as a child. It was recorded by Finn Zetterholm and Marie Selander, on an album called 'Lillfar och lillmor'. The lyrics go like this (I've written the lyrics down from memory):

Text in Swedish and the translation in English

Katten och källingen
dom nappades om vällingen
katten slog källingen
så han föll i vällingen
Aj aj, sade källingen
jag brände mig av vällingen
Jam jam sade katten
du kund' ha unnat mig få hatt'en.

The cat and the kid
fought over the gruel
The cat hit the kid
so it fell into the gruel
Ouch ouch said the kid
I burnt myself on the gruel
Meow meow said the cat
You could have let me have it.
  1. Finn Zetterholm and Marie Selander 'Lillfar och lillmor'
    • Released as LP 1970 by SR Records order number RHLP 1101 and as compact disc August 1999 Naxos-label NAX-GAMM 023
    • Duration: unknown
    • Recording date: unknown
Zimmermann, Christian & Mattes, Ralf (ensemble)
Follias (18th century)
cover of Christian Zimmermann - 15 kB Unfortunately no source is mentioned for these follias in the slipcase nor are the tracks specified for the instruments.
Christian Zimmermann wrote about this composition in an e-mail May 2004:

The folia that Ralf Mattes (theorbo) and I recorded is an adaptation of Folia-variations by Santiago de Murcia, Corelli and Marais. I hope you will excuse the term 'anonymous', that facilitated the naming of the piece. The manuscript of de Murcia was originally composed for solo guitar (Manuscript Saldivar).

  1. Zimmermann, Christian (barock guitar) and Mattes, Ralf (theorbe)
    Click to listen to the soundfile, Follias, two variations

    "Duration: 1'02", 999 kB. (128kB/s, 44100Hz)
    Two variations after Corelli
    © 2002 Christian Zimmermann, used with permission

    • Released 2002 by Bella Musica Edition, Antes Edition compact disc BM-CD 31.9167
    • Duration: 5'31"
    • Recording date: December 14-16, 2001 Studio Melodies, D-79224 Umkirch, Germany
    • Instruments: baroque guitar a copy of A. Voboan's model built by Matthias Wagner, baroque theorbe a copy of W. Tieffenbrucker built by Matthias Wagner.

Zipoli, Domenico (1688-1726)
Retirada del Emperador de los dominicos de España
cover  booklet De la musique des conquistadores 
au livre d'orgue des indiens Chiquitos 15 kB The Folia-theme of the last 8 bars is played once in the introduction of the piece. It is unknown if it is part of the composition or just the intro by the performer.
Source for the composition is the books for keyboard San Rafael of Chiquitos, collected by the originally Swiss Jesuit missionary Martin Schmid. The manuscript contained some pieces by Domenico Zipoli (who was familiar with the compositions of both Pasquini and Corelli) and his style is recognizable in many of the pieces.
  1. Broggini, Norberto 'De la musique des conquistadores au livre d'orgue des indiens Chiquitos'
    • Released 1998 by Discographique lorrain K.617 compact disc set of 3 discs K617093/3 with the support of the French Ambassy
    • Duration: 1'28"
    • Recording date: April 18-20, 1998 organ of Santa Clara in Sucre, Bolivia

Zollbrecht, Stefan (1988- )
La Follia for piano solo (2013)
Stefan Zollbrecht 15 kB
Stefan Zollbrecht wrote about the FolĂ­a theme:

"La Follia" is a set of variations which harmony scheme has already been used in the 16th century. Many well-known composers had fun with it (read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folia). A new piece with old roots: a new theme upon a harmony concept which has been proved over hundreds of years, and some surprises in addition

Opening of 'La Follia' 2015, S. Zollbrecht
Zollbrechts opening of the sheet music for piano - 20Kb
  1. Zollbrecht, Stefan

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