Which versions of the later Folia have been
written down, transcribed or recorded?

(in alphabetical order of composer, letter U)

Uccellini, Marco (1603-1680)
Synfonia 5 'A Padouana' (for three violins and basso continuo) from Opus 8, Synfonie Boscarecie
This Opus was first published in Venice in 1660, but no complete copies of that print has survived. Instead, our knowledge of this work stems from the second and third print made in 1669 and 1677.
In traditional literature is stated that Lully was the first composer who introduced the famous 'later' Folia theme. It is already questioned what the contribution of Philidor, the wind-instrument specialist at the court was for the composition Folies d'Espagne for four winds. The collaboration between Philidor and Lully resulted in the exposition of both the chord progression and the standard melody. However the 'later' Folia chord progression was already used in the Fitzwilliam Virginal book dated back to c. 1618. Faconieri (Falconiero) introduced his 'later' Folia chord progression in 1650 and this piece by Uccellini was published 12 years earlier than the Lully composition.

Duration: 1'21", 7 kB.
Midi made by Johan Tufvesson

The sheet music, 2 pages
© Johan Tufvesson edited the music
Made available by Johan Tufvesson

Torsten Nowicki wrote October 16, 2005:

During my research on 17th century instrumental music I recently stumbled upon something: --> Sinfonia 5 from "Sinfonie Boscarecie" (1660) by Marco Uccellini. This little gem uses exactly the later model of the folia, as you can clearly see: http://icking-music-archive.org/scores/uccellini/ucop8sc.pdf (No 5) and hear http://icking-music-archive.org/scores/uccellini/ucop8_mid.zip

  1. Tufvesson, Johan after the second edition from Antwerpen 1669
Uematsu, Nobuo (1959- ) cd Uematsu, original music for Final Fantasy IX - 15kB
Vamo' alla flamenco, Black Mage Village, Limited Time
Sometimes there is a world within our world we know little about. This definitely is true out of my perspective for all the computer games. The games are often provided with instant music but there seem to be some composers who are specialized in this field and recognized for their contribution to make a game into a success. The Japanese Nobuo Uematsu seems to be one of them. Three tunes from the game 'Final Fantasy 9'.

Black Mage Village
Duration: 3'13", 33 kB.
© Josh the Videogamer, January 2001

Black Mage Village
Duration: 3'23" direct link to YouTube
© 2000 by Nobuo Uematsu

Limited Time
Duration: 3'03". 10kB.
© Bryan Bilocura, January 2003

Limited Time
Duration: 3'03" direct link to YouTube
© 2000 by Nobuo Uematsu

Vamo' alla flamenco
Duration: 2'06", 40 kB.
The tune ends rather abruptly

Vamo alla flamenco
Duration: 3'11" direct link to YouTube
© 2000 by Nobuo Uematsu

Michael Huang wrote at his Uematsu webpage (http://www.nobuouematsu.com/main.html):

Who is Nobuo Uematsu you asked? Well, if you ever played any of the Final Fantasy series on Snes, Playstation or Sony Playstation 2, then you have the privilege of hearing his great musical compositions. Nobuo Uematsu's innovative use of harmonization and enchanting melody is one of the reason Final Fantasy stand out from the normal mundane RPG crowd and raise the standard on video game music.

cd Uematsu, original music for Final Fantasy IX - 15kB
  1. Uematsu, Nobuo 'Final Fantasy IX'
    • Title: Vamo' alla flamenco
    • Released 2000 by Square Enix compact disc 4-set sscx-10043
    • Duration: 2'08"
    • More about the oeuvre of Uematsu at http://www.nobuouematsu.com/cd.html
  2. Niwa, Asako 'Final Fantasy IX'
    This official, licensed 320 page collection presents all of the music from the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack as musical notation for piano. The minimal descriptive text and song titles are in Japanese but the musical notation will be readable by anyone familiar with written musical notation.
    • Title: Vamo' alla flamenco
    • Arragement for piano solo
    • Released by Doremi year unknown

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