Which versions of the later Folia have been
written down, transcribed or recorded?

(in alphabetical order of composer, letters O)

Ohana, Maurice (1913-1995)
Tiento (1955)

Tiento, including the sheet music
Duration: 5'21"direct link to YouTube
© by Narciso Yepes

The theme of La Folia is hard to detect imho, but famous guitarplayers like Eduardo Fernández and Angelo Gilardino advised me not to forget to list this piece in the Folia-collection because it is definitely based upon the Folia-theme
  1. Aguirre Miñarro, Rafael 'Guitar Recital'
    cover cd Aquirre Miñarro - 15kB Graham Wade wrote for the slipcase:

    Maurice Ohana, born in 1913 of Gibraltarian parentage in Casablanca, North Africa, spent his childhood in Bayonne, France, and later studied in Paris. He also took lessons in Barcelona with the distinguished pianist Frank Marshall and gave his piano recital début in Paris in 1936. He was fascinated by flamenco, African tribal music and medieval music as well as being strongly influenced by the works of Debussy and Falla.
    The tiento was originally the Spanish musicians' version of the toccata though it was of a more inward and reflective nature than the showy brilliance of the flamenco style. (Tientos is also a flamenco form of a serious character.). Ohana's Tiento is a work of Spanish allegiance set in a modern idiom. It falls into deinite sections opening with a statement of La Folía (the melody much loved by composers over the centuries, especially as a basic for variations). This leads into the habanera rhythm and melodic line reminiscent of Falla's Homenaje. A third section hints at a theme from Falla's Harpsichord Concerto. These ideas are skilfully woven together and the work ends on what might be called a dominant pedal point with an insistent drum-like beat.

    • Released 2008 by Naxos compact disc 8.572064
    • Duration: 4'45"
    • Recording date: April 17-20, 2008 at St. John Chrysostom Church, Newmarket, Ontario Canada
    • Guitar by Z. Gnatek, Sidney, Australia

  2. Attademo, Luigi 'Folías; Sanz, Giuliani, Ponce, Gilardino, Sor, Ohana'
    cover cd Luigi Attadeno - 15kB
    • Released 2001 by the Magazine 'Guitart' compact disc GUIT 2026
    • Duration: 4'54"
    • Recording date: March 25 and 29 2001 at Quality Audio, Vercelli, Italy
    • Guitar by Carlo Raspagni, 1996
    • See also the page Recommended Folia-recordings

  3. Bream, Julian 'Twentieth-Century Guitar II, Mompou, Ohana, Moreno, Torroba, Gerhard, Villa-Lobos'
    cover cd Julian Bream 15kB John Duarte wrote for the slipcase:

    The 'Tiento', written in 1955, is an evocation of 16th-century Spanish music - the name was interchangeable with 'Fantasia' or 'Ricercar', wryly recalling the 'folia' ground bass at its beginning and later hinting at themes of Falla - from the 'Homenaje' and the Harpsichord Concerto. Since guitarists were slow to adopt this work, Ohana ceased to write for the instrument until, in the 1960's, he was attracted by the resources of the ten-string (later the eight-string) guitar.

    • Released 1993 as Julian Bream Edition Volume 13 RCA Victor Gold Seal by BMG-classics compact disc 09026 61596 2
    • Duration: 4'54"
    • Recording date: February-May 1983

  4. Chojnackai, Elisabeth (harpsichord) 'Maurice Ohana, le clavecin' cover cd Chojnacka 15kB
    • Title: Tiento
    • Released by Timpani compact disc ref. 1C1069
    • Duration: unknown
    • Recording date: unknown

  5. Devine, Graham Anthony, 'Ohana, Music for Ten-String Guitar' cover cd Graham Anthony Devine - 15kB

    Tiento, the complete piece arranged for 10-string guitar
    Duration: 10'31"direct link to YouTube
    © 2009 by Graham Anthony Devine

    • Title: Tiento
    • Released 2009 by Naxos compact disc ordernumber 8.570948
    • Duration: 5'23"
    • Recording date: October 25-28, 2007 St John Chrysostom Church, Newmarket, Canada

  6. Ponce, Alberto (guitar) 'Alberto Ponce'
    cover lp Alberto Ponce 15kB Robert J. Vidal wrote for the inlay of the lp:

    The "Tiento" in this recording, draws its substance from the "Cante Jondo" with which the composer is perfectly familiar. Maurice Ohana renews the form of the "ricercari" with an initial harmony that draws on the traditional theme of the "Folías de España" and the way he uses the resources of the guitar proves that he has full knowledge of the possibilities of the instrument. This is most certainly an interesting piece that deserves to be included in the repertory of contemporary guitarists.

    • Title: Tiento
    • Released without indication of year by Arion lp 30 A 064
    • Duration: 4'20"
    • Recording date: not mentioned in the cover or lp

  7. Yepes, Narciso 'Spanische Gitarrenmusik aus fünf Jahrhunderten II' cover lp Yepes 15kB
    Ellen Hickmann wrote for the cover:

    Elements of Andalusian-Oriental tonality, melodie, and style of performance were employed by Maurice Ohana in his piece entitled 'Tiento'.

    • Title: Tiento
    • Released without indication of year by Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft LP 139 366
    • Duration: 4'28"
    • Recording date: not mentioned in the documentation

Olavide, Begoña (? - ) cover cd Salterio by Olavide 19kB
Folias (1994)

Folias (1994)
Duration: 10'31"
direct link to YouTube published by EFN84's channel
© 1999 by Begoña Olavide

  1. Olavide, Begoña (large wing psaltery), Mulder, Juan Carlos (guitar), Carranza, Daniel (thiorba) 'Salterio'
    This Folia-medley starts with a simple standard Folia and is followed at 2'12" (till 2'41") with the folia theme by Gaspar Sanz. After the theme a variation of Marin Marais is played, followed at 3'14" with the first variation of Sanz. Again a mighty variation of Marais will pass and at 4'28" another variation by Sanz will be recognizable. Marais appears once more and the last Sanz-variation at 5'44" is the introduction for a slow Folia-improvisation where the tension is built up to a finale in style (7'52") with some dazzling variations à la Vivaldi and Corelli before finishing with the simple standard Folia theme.
    • Released January 1999 by MA Records compact disc MA 025A
    • Duration: 10'31"
    • Recording date: March 4-6, 1994 in the Monasterio de la Santa Espina, Valladolid, Spain
    • Large wing psaltery built by Carlos Paniagua
Oni Wytars (ensemble)
See: Ensemble Oni Wytars, composers letters E
Oppenheimer, Yehuda (1925- ) cover cd Oppenheimer 15kB
Chaconne, variations on a Portuguese song La Folia for accordion solo (1965)
This definitely is a showpiece to feature all the characteristics of the accordion. I don't know that much about accordion but one cannot overlook the versatility of the instrument. The outstanding legato voicing of the basses in the slow parts, the different registers to give a particular tone color, the fast staccato in the treble notes, the forceful though smooth rhythmical changes and working towards the end, it even rivals a church organ with all the registers pulled out. No wonder that this piece is used as a test piece of musicianship in competitions for the accordion.
Yehuda Oppenheimer wrote about his composition in January 2006:

One of my main composition is based on the original Portugese Folk song La Folia and was chosen as the test piece in the 1966 World-cup contest for accordionists.The pricewinner was then,a boy of sixteen called Richard Galliano.Today one of the famoust accordionists in the world.
I studied the violin both in the Netherlands and in Jerusalem as a youngster so I was quite familiar with the Folia-variations of Corelli which remained one of my favorite pieces. But from the age of six, I already felt a passion for the accordion so it was second nature to compose my own variations for this instrument.

Click to listen to the soundfile, theme and first variation of Chaconne as played by Yehuda Oppenheimer

Duration: 1'16", 1194 kB. (128KB/s, 44100 Hz)
Theme and first variation as played by Yehuda Oppenheimer
© Yehuda Oppenheimer 1998, used with permission

  1. Merja, Ikkelä (accordion) 'Merja Ikkelä'
    • Title: Ciaccona (la folia)
    • Released by Blue Master LP blu-lp 134
    • Duration: unknown
    • Recording date: 1971
  2. Oppenheimer, Yehuda (accordion) 'The magic accordion of Yehuda Oppenheimer'
    • Released 1998 by DCD Ltd (Israel) compact disc OYCD001
    • Duration: 6'16"
    • Recording date: 1987 (not mentioned in the documentation)
    • Order from: Yehuda Oppenheimer, Zeev Haklai-street 10, 96462, Jerusalem, Israel.

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