Which versions of the later Folia have been
written down, transcribed or recorded?

(in alphabetical order of composer, letter K)

Kagel, Mauricio (1931-2008)
Folie d'Espagne as a dance of 'I', part of 'Tantz-Schul, Ballet d'action' (1985/87, revision 2001)
cover cd Mauricio Kagel - 15kB
  1. Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, conductor: Mauricio Kagel
    Mauricio Kagel wrote for the slipcase:

    This composition in three parts [I:1. Entrée 2. Folie d'Espagne 3. Trionfo di Bacco 4. Il Dolzor 5. Novelle Fantastiche 6. Sarabande 7. Cogi 8. Turco con tamburino, II: 9. Scaramuzza...e Donna 10. Riguadon/Rigadon 11. Galiarda 12. Galiardo 13. Disegno Furia, Satyro, Cicona 14. Fenochio 15. Scotin/Scapin 16. Rackett- und Hexentanz 17. Statue & Figure, III: 18. Finale] is based on Gregorio Lambranzi's treatise Neue und curieuse theatralische Tantz-Schul, first published 1716 in Nuremberg, with engravings by Johann Georg Puschner. The Venetian dance-master presents about 70 ballet scenes or scenarios, with commentaries supplemented by illustrations and the relevant melody. […]
    One of the most amusing aspects of Lambranzi's book is the countless errors in his musical orthography.
    […] So what did I actually do with the single-line melody? To start with, I embedded them in a harmonic context that I had to invent. This in itself gave me a good opportunity to regard the notational mistakes in the original as characteristics component of a new musical environment. Since I have no interest in sentimentalising, historicist aesthetics, but mainly quite the opposite, namely fearless confrontations between present and past, I didn't attempt to complete or continue the melodies in a stylistically correct way. […] Sometimes these melodies appear incomplete, like fragmentary recollections, and not always as the beginning of the piece, but also towards the end, like a reconstruction. And polyphony was created from transpositions of the same melody. […]

    detail of engraving from Lambranzi's 'Nueva e curiosa scuolade balli theatrali' (1716)
    Thanks to Dell Hollingsworth, artistic director of La Follia Austin Baroque for using the image
    • Title: Folie d'Espagne
    • Released 2003 by Winter & Winter, A Recording of Saarländischer Rundfunk compact disc 910 099-2
    • Duration: 3'08"
    • Recording date: 2003 at Saarländischer Rundfunk, Germany
Kalkbrenner, Frederic (1785-1849)
Fantaisie sur l'air des Folies d'Espagne
Kaya, Mehmet Refik (1957- ) cover cd Mehmet Refik Kaya 15kB
Folia (after Gaspar Sanz), Espanoleta (Gaspar Sanz), Sultaniyegah saz semaisi (Nedim Aga) 'Ruhnüvaz, touching the soul'
Mehmet Refik Kaya wrote about the instrument the rebab (in a translation by Bob Beer):

The European 'viola d'amore' (violin) replaced the rebab during the reign of Mahmut II, just as the ground was being laid for the the Ottoman Tanzimat (reforms) movement. With its advantages that included a stronger sound than the rebab, its wide range, and ease of playing due to its well-developed technique, the violin came into widespread use in Turkish music. The 'westernization' movement imposed by the Tanzimat influenced Turkish music as well. One of the most visible aspects of this movement was the increased interest in western instruments. As Ottoman composers began learning towards compositions with broad ranges, the old instruments began to fall from favor. Instead of being improved technically and adapted to the times, they were abandoned.

  1. Mehmet Refik Kaya (rebab, rebab nisfiyesi), Celil Refik Kaya (rebab nisfiyesi, classical guitar), Özata Ayan (tanbur), Günay Uysal (cello), Serdar Bisiren (percussion)
    • Released 2005 by Kalan Müzik Yapim compact disc CD 350
    • Duration: Folia 2'20" in total 8'19"
    • Recording date: not indicated in the documentation recorded in studio Metropol (Instanbul?) without further location
Keiser, Reinhard (1674-1739)
Several fragments (ouverture and in act IV and V) of the opera 'Der lächerliche Prinz Jodelet' (1726)
  1. Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin 'Ouvertüren, Music from the Hamburg Opera' cover cd Reinard Keiser 15kB Bernard Schrammek wrote for the slipcase:

    Der lächerliche Prinz Jodelet (The ridiculous Prince Jodelet) dates from Keiser's later period; it was given its first performance at the Gänsemarkt in 1726. In it the composer followed the then frequent practice of pasticcio: only the ouverture and the plot-driven sections were newly composed, then interspersed with existing musical numbers

    • Title: Sinfonia from 'Le Ridicule Prince Jodelet'
    • Released 2005 by Harmonia Mundi compact disc HMC 901852
    • Duration: 4'15"
    • Recording date: February 2004 in the Teldex Studio, Berlin, Germany

  2. Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg conducted by Alessandro de Marchi 'Der lächerliche Prinz Jodelet'
    director De Marchi 15kB

    A live performance of the première 22 February 2004 in Hamburg
    Duration: 5'21" direct link to YouTube
    © 2004 by Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg conducted by Alessandro de Marchi

    The Folia-theme appears several times in the Opera. In the end of act I (Ouverture), in act IV some variations of Corelli are literally quoted starting in adagio tempo (fragment 1) and in act V the bare Folia-theme without any ornamentation is quoted twice very stately between the lines of the opera (fragment 2).
    • Title: Act I (Ouverture), act IV and act V 'Le Ridicule Prince Jodelet'
    • Première February 22, 2004 in the Staatsoper in Hamburg, Germany
    • Duration: in act IV 3'42" and in act V 1'16"
    • Recording date: February 22, 2004 in the Staatsoper in Hamburg, Germany and recorded and broadcasted by NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk). Also broadcasted in France (France-Musique March 12, 2005) and in Belgium (Klara in the program 'Scala' September 3, 2005)
    • See also the website of the Staatsoper Hamburg http://www.hamburgische-staatsoper.de/_auffuehrungen/presse.php?event=39955

Kellerman, Wouter (?- )
The flute takes the conventional Marin Marais route but the interesting part of this track is the basso continuo by jazz-piano, bass and guitar which give the piece a jazzy modern feeling.
  1. Kellerman, Wouter cover cd Kellerman 15kB"Two voices":

    Folies d'Espagne by Wouter Kellerman and Ensemble
    Duration: 6'10" direct link to YouTube
    © 2010 by Wouter Kellerman

    • Title: Folies d'Espagne
    • Released 2010 by Kellerman Music
    • Duration: 6'09"
    • Recording date: 2010 at Joe’s Garage by JB Arthur Additional recording done at Sunset studios in Stellenbosch, Kellerman’s in Johannesburg, Mastermax studios in Midrand, Singsing studios in Melbourne, Sunset studios in Los Angeles and Studio Le Roy, Amsterdam

Khitruk, Anastasia (1975- )
La Folia (1999) for violin solo cover cd Anastasia Khitruk 15kB
Baudime Jam wrote for the slipcase (translation by Michael Pochna):

To conclude this tribute to the virtuosity of the violin, Anastasia Khitruk presents her own variations on Corelli's 'La Follia'. After introducing the theme in its original form, the young performer offers her vision in a series of virtuoso variations, inspired by the works of Paganini, as if this 'Folia' was being transmitted through the generations.

  1. Khitruk, Anastasia 'La Folia'
    • Title: La Folia
    • Released 1999 by Suoniecolori compact disc SC 253312
    • Duration: 7'52"
    • Recording date: 1999 in La Maison de la Musique de Nanterre

Kíla (name of ensemble)
Handel's Fancy (1992) cover cd Kíla 15kB
  1. Kíla 'Handels Fantasy'
    • Handel's Fancy consists of 4 tunes: a. La Folia - Corelli, arr. Kíla, b. Handel's Fancy - Colm O Snodaigh, c. Mulhaires Reel - trad. arr. Kíla, d. Clumsy Lovers - Neil Dickie, arr. Kíla
    • Released by Kíla Records, remixed 1999, premastered 2000 compact disc KRCD 003
    • Duration: 4'07"
    • Recording date: 1992 in Stiúdó a 7. Cearnóg Mhuirfean, Baile Atha Cliath 2.

Kilpatrick, Bill (1947- ) Bill Kilpatrick 15kB
la folia
Bill performed these four instrumental Folia-variations in a guitar-like style on the charango. The voicing reminds me somehow to 'Hotel California' with the sustained notes in the upper voice while the basses follow the folia chord progression. It gives a nice sort of tension to the music although it is played in a relaxed and smooth way.
  1. Kilpatrick, Bill (charango)
  2. La folia
    Duration: 1'14" direct link to YouTube
    © 2008 Bill Kilpatrick, used with permission

    Bill Kilpatrick wrote about his folia-compositions in an e-mail May 30, 2008:

    'La folia' and its variations suit me very well - tempo and rhythm of any given piece may vary (along with its mood) but it's always fascinating.
    The video was recorded just a few days ago. I'm crazy about small chordaphone instruments - charango and mandolin, in particular - and own a rather battered looking canary island timple.

la folia dodecanese (lipsos)
Bill Kilpatrick 15kB Sweet memories about a stay at the Greek island of Lipsos.
  1. Kilpatrick, Bill (charango and voice)
  2. la folia dodecanese (lipsos)
    Duration: 1'10" direct link to YouTube
    © 2008 Bill Kilpatrick, used with permission

    sun-cast shadows, scented sheets, lavender and us, touch of skin, the day begins, sounds of being joyus

    • Title: la folia dodecanese (lipsos)
    • Duration: 1'10"
    • Recorded for YouTube May 2008, Italy

la folia voltaire
Bill Kilpatrick 15kB A reflection on life in this song with the subtitle 'reflections of a weed-whacking parent'. Inspired by the concluding paragraph to 'Candide, ou l'Optimisme': 'Il faut cultiver notre jardin' by Voltaire (settle down for the restless traveller in the hope to produce a better world to live in) who actually wrote some text to the Folia theme himself.
  1. Kilpatrick, Bill (charango and voice)
  2. la folia voltaire
    Duration: 0'52" direct link to YouTube
    © 2008 Bill Kilpatrick, used with permission

    • Title: la folia voltaire
    • Duration: 0'52"
    • Recorded for YouTube May 2008, Italy

la folia for mandolin
Bill Kilpatrick 15kB
Bill Kilpatrick wrote about this arrangement in October 2008:

the beautiful, hypnotic la folia chord progression - Dm/A7/Dm/C/F/C/Dm/A7/Dm (in this instance) played on mandolin. there are variants as well - equally beautiful - many of which have lyrics; pithy, poignant little poems expressing love, mostly. my particular favorite is "de los alamos vengo madre" - by juan vasquez (1500-1560)

  1. Kilpatrick, Bill (mandoline)
  2. la folia for mandolin
    Duration: 0'40" direct link to YouTube
    © 2008 Bill Kilpatrick, used with permission

    • Title: la folia (for mandolin)
    • Duration: 0'40"
    • Recorded for YouTube October 2008, Italy

la folia witchcraft
Bill Kilpatrick 15kB
  1. Kilpatrick, Bill (voice and charango)

  2. Sarah Palin is the running mate of John McCain on the Republican presidential ticket, and I thought that it could not be worse than Bush Jr.
    Bill Kilpatrick wrote about this song:

    there's a video on youtube in which a minister in gov. palin's church blesses her with protection against witchcraft - absolutely beggars belief ... prompted me to write the following:

    collusion with a priest
    in protection from the witch
    presupposes belief that they exist
    if we all give the power to palin
    will we get the horror of salem?

    la folia witchcraft
    Duration: 0'40" direct link to YouTube
    © 2008 Bill Kilpatrick, used with permission

    • Title: la folia witchcraft
    • Duration: 0'40"
    • Recorded for YouTube October 2008, Italy

Kimber, Michael (? - )
La Folia Variations (for four-part viola ensemble) (1997) 8lrt_Oz6l4I
The opening of La Folia Variations © Castle Enterprises, used with permission
La Folia Variations, opening score - 13kB
portrait Kimber -15 kB
  1. Kimber, Michael
    The oeuvre of Michael Kimber can be found at http://members.tripod.com/~m_kimber/mk.html
    • Published 1997 by Castle Enterprises, Home-based publisher of music for orchestra, string orchestra, orchestra/chorus, chamber music (string quartet, viola quartet, violin/viola, flute/viola) and solo music for various (primarily stringed) instruments. Located at: 3478 B Pleasantbrook Village Ln, Atlanta GA 30340-5661, USA. Phone/fax: 770.414.9832; e-mail: stos@mindspring.com
    • Publisher No. CE014
    • Score 4 parts (2 p. each), 28 cm
  2. The Umase Viola Ensemble

    A live performance of the Umass Viola Ensemble, Kathryn Lockwood
    Duration: 6'23" direct link to YouTube
    © 2007 by the Umass Viola Ensemble

    • Title: La Folia Variations
    • Released at YouTube 2007 by Nicolas Gold
    • Duration: 6'24"
    • Recording date unlknown

Kithara (name of ensemble)
Folias (by anonymous) (1993)
cover cd Kithara 24kB
  1. Kithara: Wilson, Christopher (5 course baroque guitar in E, built by Robert Eyland 1974) and Miller, David (14 course theorbo in A built by Stephen Barber 1982), Musica Mediterranea, Music of the Italian & Spanish Renaissance
    The seven variations of the Folia are attributed to an anonymous composer. However two variations are obviously arrangements of two variations by Caspar Sanz (variation 4 and 5). The other variations might be improvisations regarding the quote of Dinko Fabris comment
    Dinko Fabris wrote for the slipcase:

    We are presented with the joyful use of variation, and free improvisation by the musicians on the most popular themes of the day. This is a freedom which, for several centuries, European musicians seemed to forgot.

    • Title: Folias
    • Released by Chandos August 1994 compact disc Chan 0562
    • Duration: 3'38"
    • Recording date: November 17-19, 1993 in Orford Church, Suffolk England
Kiviniemi, Kalevi (1958- )
Improvisatie over 'La Follia' for organ (2006-2007)
Petri Vähätälo wrote about the Folia improvisation on La Follia:

Kalevi is a gifted improvisateur. I asked him about this improvisation; he says it is a 'real' improvisation, i.e. he adjusts it to the occasion (instrument, space, mood). I heard him play this 'Improvisation on La Follia' here in Lahti this summer at the Sibelius Hall, where we have a new organ, and Kalevi did certainly show the possibilities of the organ's tone colours. This improvisation he has not recorded, nor has it been written on paper. Kalevi says he chose the Follia theme since it is well-known to the public, and of course it is great 'tune' too! Kalevi has been making quite a numer of recordings in the past few years, both early music and more modern repertory. Yet no Follia, yet...

  1. Kiviniemi, Kalevi
    • Title: Improvisatie over 'La Follia' for organ
    • Performing date: 1 September 2007 at the Metzler-orgel in the Grote Kerk, The Hague, The Netherlands
    • Duration: unknown
    • The concert was not recorded by any radiostation unfortunately
Klaverdal, Stefan (1975- )
There Will Be Earthquakes: Variations on La Folia (2012) for electric violincover cd of Stefan Klaverdal 15kB
Ian Peaston wrote about this Folía-performance as a violinist

I’ve always loved the theme and its various “classic” classical pieces. As such, I wanted to do some pieces based on the theme for my project for electric violin and live electronics called Violin Variations. www.violinvariations.com

  1. Peaston, Ian recorded live performance for electric violin and computer 'Evocations, Stefan Klaverdal'

    Ian Peaston in a live recording
    Duration: 8'49" direct link to YouTube
    © 2014 by Ian Peaston, used with permission

    • Title: There Will Be Earthquakes: Variations on La Folia
    • Released 2014 by Stefan Klaverdal & Dynamik compact disc order number dy1401
    • Duration: 8'28"
    • Recording date: 3rd of June 2014 in Dublin, Ireland during a live session

Klenes, André (1954- ) cover cd Klenes 15kB
Folia (for string quintet : quartet and double bass)
  1. André Klenes' string quintet (Nicolas Stevens violin 1, Françoise Gilliquet violin 2, Eric Gerstmans viola, Jean-François Assy cello, André Klenes bass) 'Adam's dream'

    Duration: 0'55", 875 kB.( 128kB/s, 44100Hz)
    The last half of Folia played by the string quintet of André Klenes
    © André Klenes 2001, used with permission

    Klenes wrote about his Folia composition:

    I wrote a suite of music for a poetry recital about Federico Garcia-Lorca in 1998.
    The String Quintet suite "Folia-Habanera-Salsa-Blues" was inspired by Romancero Gitano and Poeta en Nueva York, and also a suite for cello and double bass : "Hommage à Federico Garcia-Lorca" inspired by differents landscape of Granada. The Folia theme is an evocation of the 18th century in Jerez de la Frontera (ciudad de los gitanos)

    The magazine Double Bass wrote in the issue of Spring 2002 (number 20):

    Klenes sets the popular 'Folia' theme in a contemporary context, and he uses his ensemble effectively to reproduce the infectious interlocking rhythmic ostinatos and jazz-rock influences of Salsa.

    • Title: Folia, as part of a suite together with Habenera, Salsa, Blues
    • Released September 2001 by Chamber compact disc CHCD303
    • Music published by Bayard-Nizet (http://www.bayard-nizet.com)
    • Duration: 2'04"
    • Recording date: April 2001, in Brussels, Belgium
    • More about André Klenes at the website http://www.andreklenes.com

cover cd Knowles 15kB
Knowles, Liz (? - )
La Folia Variations (16 variations)
  1. Ensemble Galilei (Liz Knowles: fiddle, Deborah Nuse: Scottish small pipes and fiddle, Sarah Weiner: oboe recorders and pennywhistle, Sue Richards: Celtic harp, Carolyn Anderson Surrick: viola da gamba with Jan Hagiwara: percussion and Nancy Karpeles: bowed psaltery) 'From the Isles to the Courts'
    I do not know if it is correct to call this a 'new' folia-composition because as modestly indicated in the container Liz Knowles is indicated as the arranger of the music by Marais and Corelli. In fact the music is not that new. The opening with the Marais variations starts with the Viola da Gamba to remind the listener that the Marais-variations are involved and most variations are taken from this composer. The third and fifth variation with the oboe has done before and the percussion involvement is an old idea by Paniagua. Actually I have not heard any new variation. However the wide variety of instruments and the combination of it makes it very enjoyable. How about that nice sense of humour when the massive sound of the gamba is playing the lead, accompanied by the discant and light sound of the harp? Only very few Corelli-variations are introduced in the middle of the piece. The celtic harp in variation 14 sounds great with those high arpeggios but the waiting for the obvious Scottish small pipes will be in vain.
    • arrangement by Liz Knowles, published by Major B Music (ASCAP)
    • Released 2001 by Telarc compact disc CD-80536
    • Duration: 09'16"
    • Recording date: June 19-22, 2000 in Gordon Center for the Performing Arts, Owings Mills, Maryland
Knutna Nävar (ensemble) cover lp Knutna Nävar 15kB
Sång om Kina (Sinclairvisan) (Arbetare & Soldater)
I never heard the tune but the band was known as progressive with Swedish Communist texts
  1. Knutna Nävar 'Internationalen Andra Revolutionära Arbetarsånger'
    • Title: Sång om Kina (Sinclairvisan) (Arbetare & Soldater)
    • Released 1971 by Proletärkultur LP PROLP 171
    • Duration: 1'28"
    • Recording date: 1971 in Göteborg, Sweden

Koch, Kurt (1953- )
Folie d'Espagne for 4 guitars
  1. Koch, Kurt
    • Published together with an arrangement of Greensleeves for 4 guitars
    • Published 1982 by Tonos Musikverlags GmbH
    • Score: 3 pages size 23 x 31 cm and 4 parts of one page DIN A4
cover cd Koenig 20kB
Koenig, Carole (? - )
La Folia, British 17th century (1988)
  1. Koenig, Carole (hammered dulcimer), Lerman, Candy (violin, viola), Magnussen, John (keyboards), Shulman, Robert (flute) 'Encore! Renaissance and Baroque Music on the hammered dulcimer'
    • Instrumentation: hammered dulcimer, organ, flute and viola
    • Released 1988 Kokomo cd CCD-1006
    • Duration: 1'29"
    • Recording date: 1988, engineered and digitally mixed at Scott Fraser tudio, Los Angeles, USA

Koopman, Ton & Gustafssson, Rune (ensemble)
Improvisation on 'La Folia'
  1. Ton Koopman (harpsichord) Jorma Katrama (bass), Arne Domnerus (clarinet) Rune Gustafsson (guitar)
    • Television program: 'Bach-1985' (total duration 24'29")
    • Broadcasted by NOS (dutch television)
    • Duration: 0'57" (10:23:45 - 10:24:42)
    • Broadcasting date: May 29, 1985

Korhonen, Mikka (1965- )
La Folia (1995)
  1. Korhonen, Mikko (clavichord) 'Swedish Clavichords, Mikko Korhonen plays instant music'
    We can presume that the Folia-improvisation was played in a style to feature the sound of the particular clavichord, built by Woytzig in 1688 (several times restored). So the Folia-improvisation cover cd Korhonen 17kB is used as a vehicle and not so much as an attempt to create a new kind of composition. The aim of the recording was to present the sound of 4 different famous clavichords. Little is said about the compositions, apart from te fact that 10 hours of documentary recordings of the instruments have been made and a selection of the recorded music is presented on this cd. The music on this cd is conceived the very moment it is played, but it has been fashioned according to the stylistic and formal idioms belonging to the epoch of each instrument. In this way these recordings strive recreate a way of making music which once was very common in European art music but is very unusual today.
    Mikko Korhonen was picked as performer because of his ability to improvise musical pieces with the true colouring of different eras. This way of making music makes it possible to adapt to the properties of each single clavichord.
    • Title: La Folia
    • Released 1997 by SVEA fonogram compact disc SVCD 8
    • Duration: 6'28"
    • Recording date: June 13-16, 1995 in the Arched Room of Musikmuseet, Stockholm Sweden
    • Produced in cooperation with the Sibelius-Academy in Kuopio and the society Friends of the Musikmuseet
    • Recorded with the microphone at a height of 1,2 meters and a distance of 1.5 meters from te instrument in order to provide an impression of the relative largeness and sound volume.

Kõrvits, Tõnu (1969- ) portrait of  Tõnu Kõrvits 15kB
La Folia for harpsichord (2009)
On April 23 at 7 pm, concert The Art of Touching was been held at Sausti manor in Harjumaa, where harpsichordist Irèn Lill performed besides the music by old masters like Jean-Henri d'Anglebert, Louis Couperin, François Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau, the program also included the premiere of La folia for harpsichord by Tõnu Kõrvits
There was also a worldpremiere at July 31, 2009 of this piece for oboe and stringed instruments performed by Kalev Kuljus and the Narden Festival Orchestra in Naissaar, Omari barn
  1. Lill, Irèn (harpsichord)

    A live performance by Irèn Lill
    Duration: 5'09" direct link to YouTube
    © 2013 by Iren Lill

    • Title: La Folia
    • Released 2013 by EMTAVIDEO at YouTube
    • Duration: 5'09"
    • Recording date: April 23, 2013

Kränzlein, Anna Katharina (1980- ) cover cd Kränzlein 15 kB
La Follia (Arcangelo Corelli)
A popularized extracted version of Corelli's Folia including drums and bass guitar. The lines of the solo violin follow the complete Corelli-texture. Probably intended to get kids more interested in classical music as Emerson, Lake and Palmer did in the past. She compares herself with an artist as Vanessa Mae who popularized classical music. How about André Rieu or Berdien Stenberg?
  1. Kränzlein, Anna Katharina (violin) Ende, Michael (Bass) Specki T.D. (Percussion) 'Neuland'

    La Follia recorded live in Illipse in the city Illingen, Germany
    Duration: 4'24" direct link to YouTube
    Recording date: March 1, 2008 'Mittelalter Rock Festival'

    • Title La Follia
    • Released 2007 by F.A.M.E. recordings compact disc 0177022FAM
    • Duration: 8'17"
    • Recording date unknown

Krouse, Ian (1956- )
Folias (1992)
Krouse wrote about his Folias in 1993:

My version is set in the usual form of variations, but with two twists. First, the theme itself is not presented until almost halfway through the piece and-even then-it is stated in several forms. Second, the variations start out quite long and gradually become shorter ... they continue to accelerate until they move so fast that each takes only a few beats to complete. The piece concludes with a festive series of variations based on a form of the folia which was popular in the late Renaissance.

Scott Tennant wrote May 8, 1996 in the newsgroup 'rec.music.classical.guitar':

I'm a good friend of Ian Krouse. He told me that he had arranged, or 'recomposed' the Folias for orchestra. However, I don't think it's recorded yet. And, yes, it has been performed in Japan.

  1. The Helios Guitar Quartet (Jack Cimo, Albert Diaz, Michael Kudirka, and Adam Pettit) concert The Helios Guitar Quartet 23kB

    The Helios Guitar Quartet
    Duration: 15'28" direct link to YouTube
    © 2011 by The Helios Guitar Quartet

    • Released by gfavideo at YouTube August 1, 2011
    • Duration: 18'44"
    • Recording date: June 30, 2011 in the Legacy Hall Columbus State University for the 2011 Guitar Foundation of America as Ensemble Showcase Concert

  2. L.A. Guitar Quartet 'Evening in Granada'
    cover cd LA Guitar Quartet 23kB Neil Stannard wrote about Folias in the slipcase:

    The compositional style of Krouse's Folias is an eclectic circle. It is described by the composer as a kind of 'time travel', beginning with improvisatory, neo-minimalist murmurings reminiscent of flamenco style. The music develops backward in time, stylistically, to a statement of the theme in Baroque style, then back further to neo-Renaissance style, and finally comes full circle back to the present. One hears the theme emerging gradually untils its full statement at the gravitational center of the piece, designated by the composer 'Follia after Corelli' [at 8'25"]. Shortly thereafter [at 10'31"] the theme is stated in minor, this time quoting the 'Folias of Sanz'. As the variations draw to a close, the score indicates that the players should, each in turn, leave the stage, in an elaborate visual, as well as aural, diminuendo.

    • Requested and premiered by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, John Dearman, William Kanengiser, Scott Tennant, Andrew York, St. Louis, Missouri, October 4, 1992.
    • Released 1993 by Delos compact disc DE 3144
    • Duration: total 15'34" (Foliatheme recognizable approx. 3'50" but right from the kick-off it starts with the Folia-chord-progression in a highly repetitive figure)
    • Recording date: December 1-3 & 9, 1992 at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

  3. The Miscelanea Guitar Quartet concert The Helios Guitar Quartet 23kB

    The Miscelanea Guitar Quartet
    Duration: 15'28" direct link to YouTube
    © 2013 by The Miscelanea Guitar Quartet

    • Released by the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet at YouTube January 29, 2013
    • Duration: 15'28"
    • Recording date: unknown date in Salzburg, Austria

Kuhlau, Friedrich (1786-1932) cover cd Kuhlau 15kB
Menuetto from act 5 in Elverhøj Opus 100 (1828)
Comedy with music in five acts, first performance 6 November 1828, Royal Opera house, Copenhagen.
This is the melody as used in the standard Swedish Sinclairvisan tune. An extension of the Folia theme.
  1. The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Frandsen "Elverhøj"

    The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
    Duration: 4'24" direct link to YouTube
    © 1997 by Marco Polo Dacapo

    • Title: Menuetto
    • Released 1997 by Marco Polo Dacapo compact disc order number 8224053
    • Duration: 4'24"
    • Recording date: 1996

Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918)
Lampaanpolska (translation in English: 'The Sheep's Polska' and also 'Mutton Dance', in German: 'Schafpolka') for piano (dated 1915 according to Otavan iso musiikkitietosanakirja (Otava's [Otava is one of the big publishing houses in Finland] Great Music Dictionary)): theme and 4 variations
'Lampaanpolska' is considered to be a traditional tune of Finnish/Swedish origins. This arrangement for piano by Kuula is an effort to take the tune into a more classical context.

The sheet music of 1917 Fazer Musiikki Oy, n.d.
© Public Domain
Source The Petrucci Library IMSLP

Duration: 1'10", 03 kB.
The theme as indicated in the sheet music

Opening of Lampaanpolska © Edition Fazer, Helsinki, 1916
Kuula, opening score - 35kB
  1. Gothóni, Ralf (piano) 'Pianostalgia'
    • Title: Lampaanpolska
    • Released 1977 by Finnlevy LP sflp 8577
    • Duration: unknown
    • Recording date: November 01, 1977
  2. Lagerspetz, Juhani (Steinway grand piano) 'HIFI Testi-CD' (there is a Hi-Fi magazine in Finland called 'HIFI-lehti', thus the name means Hi-Fi Test CD).
    • Released by Sanomaprint Erikoislehdet Tecnopress, Helsinki, Finland, compact disc HIFICD-1 (This CD has a couple of more music examples and many 'test sounds').
    • Duration: 4'57"
    • Recording date: June, 24 1992 at the Concert Hall of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki
  3. Lauriala, Risto (piano) 'Suomalaisia Klassisia Suosikkisavalmia Pianolle'('Finnish Classical Favourites for Piano') cover cd Lauriala 15kB
    • Title: Lampaanpolska (Lamb Polska)
    • Released 1997 by Naxos compact dic 8.551047
    • Duration: 4'46"
    • Recording date: June 9-10, at Kuhmo-talo, Kuhmo Finland (Kuhmo is a little town in the North in the middle of nowhere, but there's a famous festival there every summer: The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival)

  4. Panula, Jorma and Camerata Finlandia-ensemble 'Klassisia Suosikkisavelmia, Vol 2' cover cd Panula 15kB
    • Arrangement by Jorma Panula for orchestra for orchestra
    • Title: Lampaanpolska (Lamb Polska)
    • Released Naxos compact dic 8.570839
    • Duration: 5'05"
    • Recording date: unknown

  5. Panula, Jorma and Camerata Finlandia-ensemble 'Early One Morning, Finnish Orchestral Favourites' cover cd Panula 15kB

    Lampaanpolska in an arrangement for orchestra by Jorma Panula
    Duration: 5'05" direct link to YouTube
    © 2010 by

    • Arrangement by Jorma Panula for orchestra
    • Title: The Sheep’s Polska
    • Released 2010 by Naxos 2-cd box 8.578143-44
    • Duration: 5'05"
    • Recording date: unknown

  6. Pyrhönen, Tuomas (organ) 'CRISANTEMI - A Selection of Organ Transcriptions'
  7. cover cd Pyrhönen 15kB In the slipcase was written:

    Lamb polska is based on a Portuguese melody called La folia (absurdity in Portuguese). The same melody has also been used by Arcangelo Corelli and Serge Rachmaninoff in their works. Kuula´s slightly organ-like variations for the piano were written in 1915, three years before his tragic death.

    • Title: Lampaan Polska
    • Released 2007 by Omfalos compact disc OMF002 2007
    • Duration: 5'30"
    • Recording date: 2006 at the St Michael’s church in Turku, Finland
    • More about Tuomas Pyrhönen at his website http://www.tuomaspyrhonen.net/en/index.htm

  8. Raekallio, Matti (piano: Bösendorfer 275) 'Toivo Kuula: the complete piano & organ works'
    • Released 1989 by MILS (small Finnish label) compact disc mils 8923
    • Duration: 4'46"
    • Recording date: January 28, 1989 at Solemnity Hall of the Old Academy of Turku, Turku Finland
  9. Siirala, Seppo (guitar) 'Souvenir, Finnish Romantic Miniatures for Guitar'
    A collection of some of the best-loved romantic Finnish miniatures arranged for the guitar. Many of the pieces were written for the piano but sound, in these arrangements, like guitar originals
    • Title: Toivo Kuula: Lampaanpolska (The Sheep’s Polska)
    • Published 1998 by Fennica Gehrman , sheet music with compact disc Chorus CHCD 8702/042-08839-5
    • Sheet music 30 cm
  10. Somero, Jouni (piano) 'An Anthology of Finnish Piano Music Volume 2: Morceaux de salon' cover cd Somero 15kB
    • Title: Lampaanpolska (Lamb Polska)
    • Released 2005 by FC Records compact disc FCRCD-9713
    • Duration: 5'22"
    • Recording date: January 23-24, 2005

    cover cd Tateno 15kB
  11. Tateno, Izumi (piano) 'Romantic Finnish Piano'
    Paavo Helistö (the former Head of the Music Department of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation YLE) says in the liner notes for the Finlandia CD:

    Toivo Kuula (1883-1918) was an important National Romantic composer who died tragically young. His piano work The Sheep's Polska is in fact an arrangement, though as such measured an original one. The tune appears in the notebook of a Finnish folk musician Samuel Ranta-Nikkola, dated 1809; it is a Finnish version of the Folia melody which had attained wide currency in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.

    • Released 1988(?) by Finlandia compact disc FACD 923 (and re-released by Warner Brothers)
    • Duration: 4'25"
    • Recording date: February 1988 at Järvenpää
  12. Tateno, Izumi (piano) 'Finlandia 5, A festival of Finnish Classics'
    • Released by Finlandia compact disc 8573 8037 52
  13. Vásquez, José Eduardo(piano)
    Vásquez at the piano at Tampere 15kB

    A live performance of the Lampaanpolska
    Duration: 5'20" direct link to YouTube
    © 2013 by José; Eduardo Vásquez

    • Title: Lampaanpolska
    • Released 2013 on YouTube by Elnagrabahamv
    • Duration: 5'20"
    • Recording date: May 28, 2013 in the conservatory ofTampere, Finland

  14. Vol 7. of the collection Finlandia - Finnish Piano Pieces
    • Published by Edition Fazer, Helsinki in the year 1916
    • Score 3 p.
    • Publisher No. F. M. 02562-7.
  15. Tateno, Izumi (piano) 'Finlandia Sound Souvenir'
    • Released by Fazer Records/Finlandia compact disc
    • Duration: 5'04"
    • Recording date: unknown

Kwame (groupname for Kwame Boaten and Carl Ljungstrom)
Folia (1999)
In the two verses the first 16 bars of the Folia (ending in the dominant seventh chord) is repeated. The refrain shows no resemblances with the folia melody or chord progression. Note that the literal meaning of the word 'Folia' (madness) is somewhat expressed in the text of this disturbed relationship

Kwame, a picture not of the cover of the cd volatile - 14kB Text of the first verse and refrain:

Shall I pretend to be grateful for your touch
Shall I be careful and not say too much
Shall I be good and allow you to wound me
Shall I believe that your head too could bless me

And the day it was young and the sand it was milde
And my happiness sung and the feeling was wilde
But you came with your darkness and closed me inside
See my spirit was clear till you left me be guile

  1. Kwame, 'Volatile'
    • Intrumentation: voice, classical guitar and violin
    • Released May 3, 1999 in Sweden by V2-Records Music Worldwide
    • Duration: 3'04"
    • Produced by Magnus Frykberg and Pontus Olsson

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