Which versions of the later Folia have been
written down, transcribed or recorded?

(in alphabetical order of composer, letter Q)

Quicksilver Messenger Service (Ensemble)
The Fool (1968) written by the members Gary Duncan and David Freiberg of the ensemble
Quicksilver Messenger Service, the first vinyl in 1968 - 15kB One of the oldest and most rare examples of the Folía theme in rock music was contributed by Paul H. Bonner. You can hear the Folía theme towards the end of the track the Fool beginning at 9'55". Knowing that the literal meaning of La Folía is madness, it is unlikely that it was coincidence to put the theme in a track called The Fool.

Second part of The Fool with the Folía theme
Direct link to YouTube where the theme starts at 4'59"
© 1968 Quicksilver Messenger Service

Paul H. Bonner wrote in an e-mail July 4th, 2012:

I remembered this quote of "The Fool" by Quicksilver Messenger Service. This is part 2 of the track. The theme or a close variant starts at about 5 min. in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM5d9QdzCss&feature=relmfu

  1. Quicksilver Messenger Service 'Quicksilver Messenger Service' (John Cipollina: Lead Guitar, Gary Duncan: Guitar, Vocals, David Freiberg: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Viola, Greg Elmore: Drums)
    • Released May 1968 by Capitol vinyl
    • Duration: 12'07"
    • Recorded 1968 location unknown

Quiggle, Robert (19?- )
Quick improv(isation) on 'La Folia' (2008) Charango as played by Robert Quiggle 15kB A piece of traditional charango picking in the puntuado style.
One would almost believe the origins of the Folia are rooted in the indigo culture of the altiplano.

Quick improvisation on 'La Folia'
Duration: 0'49" direct link to YouTube
© 2008 Robert Quiggle, used with permission

Robert Quiggle wrote in an e-mail June 16, 2008:

I love adapting early music to the charango, and 'La Folia' seemed a natural fit, especially after hearing Bill Kirkpatrick do it. I think 'Folia' should be played quickly, it's a dance .... and should lead to interpretation, like a dance ....

  1. Quiggle, Robert
    • Filmed by Roberts daughter
    • Duration: 0'49"
    • Recording date: June 15, 2008 in southeastern Untited States
    • More about Roberts music and good instructions how to play the traditional charango at http://www.youtube.com/LeoHareMusic
Quintin, Erwan (19?- )
Three Folias for Mary-Paule (1998) That I'm not the only person who is fascinated by the theme of La Folia, Jean Philippe Lerat proved when he commissioned Quintin to write a new Folia for his wife as a birthday present. It turned out as a triptych with completely different musical styles of the Folia-theme.
The first Folia is in the tradition of 'New Age' music with a slight hang to Satie for piano and violin. The second Folia is kind of a Folk Rock version with violin, electric and acoustic guitar and percussion instruments. The final Folia is the most electric with a dominant electric guitar. Like the second Folia I presume the composer must be influenced by bands like the Eagles (popmusic).
  1. Quintin, Erwan and friends
    • Released March 1998 by Jean Philippe Lerat
    • Duration: Folia I: 4'31", Folia II: 4'46", Folia III: 7'37"
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