There are three types of files to be downloaded.
The first type is a MP3-file reproducing the sound of 'acoustic' instruments in a compressed file, which takes less bytes than a wav-file (one of the standards for storing acoustical data), but you need a mp3-player as a plug-in.
The second type is a link to Folias at the YouTube website. The music is featured with (moving) images in mpg or flv files.
The third type is a midi-file, which is very easy and fast to download (less than 10 seconds). However you are not listening to 'authentic' music as produced by acoustic instruments. It is created with the computer as intermediary and the quality of the sound depends on the quality of your soundcard.
Apart from these files it is possible to listen to original fragments of real-time music at some internet recordshops (Cd-Now, and CD-Universe) or sites specialized in moving pictures as YouTube. A simple search on the word 'Folia'(or 'Follia', Folies d'Espagne or Folias) in the classical genre will result in some nice acoustic examples to listen to.

Some acoustic examples of Folias in MP3-format

In the past all mp3-files were listed here. However the number of files kept on growing apart from the increasing file sizes. Since March 2008 it often happened that at the end of the month the site ran out of bandwidth and was closed down by the provider till the first date of the next month. To avoid accommodating visitors only interested in downloading mp3-files without any interest for the folia theme itself, I have given up listing all mp3-files since June 2008 here. Downloading Mp3-files takes a lot of bandwidth compared to midi-files.
A growing number of mp3-files (mostly fragments) is added at the website but only indicated at the relevant composer section. Remember that the only purpose is to give a brief impression of what this folia-music is all about and to illustrate the intentions of the composer/performer.
To appreciate the richness of the music and its interpretation it is best to visit a library, conservatory or recordshop.

Some acoustic examples of Folias at YouTube

The website of YouTube ( is a channel for musicians to broadcast their own performances. It is not always that easy to distinguish between exposure and propaganda of musicians themselves or commercial recordings that are exposed there without the consent of the record company or the musicians themselves.
That makes the YouTube channel a valuable source for referring to recordings and live performances. There is a button indicated at numerous spots within the pages with alphabetical composers with a link to the item in YouTube. As far as possible I have asked the uploader for permission to do so and I tried to avoid linking to commercial recordings without permission of the stakeholders. Some old vinyl recordings and live radio broadcastings I uploaded myself to YouTube as a source that otherwise would be lost at

Some acoustic examples of Folias and similar music in midi

It should be pointed out that there is no intention to bring the music alive in these examples because these midi files used as examples lack any kind of expression and dynamics. The only purpose is to give a brief impression of what this folia-music is all about. To appreciate the richness of the music and its interpretation it is best to go to a library, conservatory or recordshop.

musical examples of frameworks_________________________
Progression of an early FoliaTheme twice and 2 variations by Piccinini1'14", 64 bars
Progression of the late FoliaTheme and 1 variation with melody1'16", 32 bars
Progression of the Sarabande by HändelTheme and 2 variations (without repeats)2'49", 48 bars
Composer _________________________
Abel, Clamor Heinrich Theme and all variations 10'00", 400 bars
Alkan, Charles Valentin Complete andantino4'50"
d'Anglebert, Jean-Henry The opening: first variation (couplet)0'34", 16 bars
Anonymous for harp (Ms. Madrid)All 3 Variations1'26", 48 bars
Anonymous for keyboard, EnglandTheme and all 5 variations2'38", 96 bars
Anonymous for keyboard, SpainTheme and 6 variations2'43", 101 bars
Anonymous for keyboard (Ms. Arnhem 1)Theme0'29", 16 bars
Anonymous for keyboard (Ms. Arnhem 2)Theme and all variations5'08", 176 bars
Anonymous for lute (Ms. Berlin)All Variations3'47", 152 bars
Anonymous for salterio soloTheme and all 10 variations5'50", 176 bars
Arditti, DavidSong Without Words No. 22'05", 55 bars
Bacevicius, VytautasVariation 17 and 18 of La Folia1'35", 32 bars
Bach, JanTheme of Foliations1'32", 28 bars
Bach, JanGerman variation of Foliations1'04", 26 bars
Bach, JanMP3 of theme2'14", 394kB
Bach, Johann SebastianUnser trefflicher lieber Kamerherr1'53", 56 bars
Bach, Johann SebastianAdagio BWV 987 (similar variations)2'36", 78 bars
Bailleux, AntoineTheme and 2 variations1'13", 48 bars
Baustetter, Jean ConradTheme0'28", 16 bars
Bedard, Jean-BaptisteTheme and 11 variations6'52", 192 bars
Beethoven, Ludwig van'Hidden' theme in 5th Symphonie0'32", 11 bars
Bellinzani, Paolo BenedettoTheme and all 17 var.6'45", 288 bars
Bencze, BalázsTheme and all variations5'58", 199 bars
Beretta, Daniele"Tarda" Follia e variazioni 6'07", 157 bars
Beretta, DanieleVariazioni sul tema della "Nuova Follia" 1'38", 28 bars
Boccherini, LuigiThe complete Minueto-Bolero4'19", 110 bars
Bravo-Tejeda, JoseFolia Especial in D Minor9'26", 320 bars
Cabanilles, Iohannis Theme and all diferencias (early Folia)8'20", 208 bars
Castro de Gistau, SalvadorTheme0'39", 16 bars
Cipollone, AlfonsoComplete song (Foolia)4'19", 195 bars
Conti, Francesco Bartolommeo Duet opera la Pastorella Nobile3'37", 187 bars
Corelli, ArcangeloTheme and 23 variations5'16", 210 bars
Corelli, ArcangeloTheme and variations6'33", 348 bars
Croebelis, Domingo S. del7 Couplets (complete)7'25", 227 bars
Denniston, DavidA 'free' variation1'33", 24 bars
Duarte, JohnTheme and 1 variation1'15", 32 bars
Dumond, ArnaudTheme and 3 (8 bar) variations1'33", 32 bars
Eccles, LanceTheme and all variations4'13", 215 bars
EnjaPromentory (similar variations)2'08", 48 bars
Falconieri, AndreaTheme and 9 variations (complete)4'18", 161 bars
Farinel(li), MichelTheme and all variations5'12", 176 bars
Foley, Daniel CharlesTheme and all variations3'20", 74 bars
Gallot, JacquesTheme and 9 couplets5'38", 171 bars
Gilardino, AngeloFirst theme1'10", 16 bars
Giuliani, MauroTheme and 6 variation (complete)4'02", 167 bars
Giuliani, MauroFragment in Sonate Op. 96 nr 30'37", 13 bars
Guerau, FranciscoTheme and 1 variation0'58", 32 bars
Händel, George FridericOrchestral version (similar variations)4'51", 128 bars
Händel, George FridericGuitar-trio version (similar variations)5'35", 112 bars
Händel, George FridericOrgan version (similar variations)2'49", 48 bars
Heaton, ElizabethTheme and all variations1'55", 64 bars
Jiménez, JoséTheme and all 20 variations (early Folia)9'26", 318 bars
Kapsberger, GirolamoTheme and 2 partitas (early Folia)1'31", 27 bars
Kuula, ToivoTheme1'10", 32 bars
Liszt, FranzRapsodie Espagnole S.2547'42", 430 bars
Lully, Jean-BaptisteTheme and 2 variations1'50", 48 bars
Marais, MarinTheme and all couplets of les folies d'Espagne15'36", 540 bars
Martin Y Coll, AntonioTheme and all variations5'11", 192 bars
Matteis, NicolaLast two variations1'27", 32 bars
Maute, MatthiasTheme and 12 bars more0'49", 28 bars
Mazzella, SalvatoreTheme and 1 passacagli0'42", 25 bars
Minguet y Irol, PabloTheme and diferencia0'50", 32 bars
Hedevig Mörner ManuscriptTheme and one variation0'48", 32 bars
Moretti, LuigiTheme and all variations3'13", 96 bars
Murcia, Santiago deTheme and all variations8'24", 224 bars
Nusbaumer, RachelIntro and 14 variations6'00", 240 bars
Pacchioni, Giorgio (Varie Partite)Theme and all variations4'37", 168 bars
Pacchioni, Giorgio (Sonata per Arpa)Theme and all variations4'31", 131 bars
Pasquini, BernardoTheme of Partite diverse di Follia0'28", 16 bars
Pasquini, BernardoTheme of Variatione sopra la Follia0'26", 16 bars
Pasquini, BernardoPartite sopra la Aria della Folia2'04", 80 bars
Piccinini, Alessandro Theme and all variations (early Folia) 2'04", 59 bars
Ponce, ManuelTheme, variations and fugue25'46"
Rachmaninoff, SergeiTheme and 1 variation (nr. 1)1'42", 32 bars
Reicha, AntoineFolie d'Espagne as part of Etude 332'38", 71 bars
Reinis, HenrichFolie d'Espagne as part of Etude 332'38", 71 bars
Rothschild II, Jonathan DavidTheme and all variations7'23", 156 bars
Ruiz de Ribayaz, LucasTheme and 2 diferencias1'35", 48 bars
Sanz, CasparTheme and 3 variations1'32", 64 bars
Sanz, CasparTheme and 3 variations incl repeats.2'28", 96 bars
Scarlatti, AlessandroTheme0'28", 16 bars
Schouten, JoopTheme and all variations7'31", 209 bars
Sebestyén, JanósMP3-fragment2'11", 286kB
Serrano, ValentínTheme and variations1'38", 48 bars
Shannon, GlenComplete song7'41", 249 bars
Sor, FernandoComplete song3'53", 113 bars
Storace, BernardoTheme of Follia (early Folia)0'31", 08 bars
Svoboda, GeorgeTheme of Folias0'54", 16 bars
Tangerine DreamExtended theme0'29", 32 bars
Tiomkin, DimitriGreen leaves of summer (similar variations)1'33", 48 bars
Trojahn, Manfredopening of 'false' Folia-theme0'39", 04 bars
Trussell, Robert G.Andante complete5'30", 130 bars
Uematsu, NobuoBlack Mage Village3'13", 287 bars
Uematsu, NobuoLimited Time2'42", 49 bars
Uematsu, NobuoVamo' alla flamenco2'08", 84 bars
Valderrábano, Enríque deall four diferencias (early Folia)3'28", 161 bars
Valente, AntonioIl Ballo dell'intorcia (similar variations)1'19", 56 bars
VangelisComplete song4'52", 117 bars
Veracini, Francesco MariaTheme and 26 variations11'51", 394 bars
Vitali, Tomaso AntonioSimilar variations3'41", 144 bars
Vivaldi, AntonioOpening theme0'45", 16 bars
Walter, FriedOpening theme0'43", 20 bars

composers of La Folia at the internet (complete set of variations)

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